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Prices listed below are for Small Business and Home users only. For corporate support, please contact us.

Service Description


Onsite Network/Server Consulting $75/hr
Inhouse Computer/Technical Consulting $45/hr
Onsite Computer/Technical Consulting


Online Computer Help $10 + $25/hr
Standard PC Security Clean $28 + $30/hr
Basic WiFi Network Install/Configuration $75/hr
Secure Your Wireless Network
(This can be done remotely over the internet)
Wireless Network Bundle Click Here
Web Site Modification $40/hr
Basic Web Site + Administration $45/month
Graphic Design $40/hr
Video Production (project disc. available) $65/hr
Rental PC (w/Service + $50 refundable deposit) $20/day
(All onsite work is subject to fuel charge)

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Compare our prices to your local Geek Squad. As you can see, TNT Media Productions wants you to pay ONLY for the services you use. This is why TNT Media Productions charges by the hour instead of a lump sum of money.

Pay for what you need, not what they're selling!

TNT vs. GeekSquad
Computer Service


In House


In House

PC Setup $45/hr* $30/hr $129.99 -
Electronic Device Setup $45/hr* $30/hr - -
Computer Checkup $45/hr* $30/hr - $99.99
PC Diagnostic $45/hr* $30/hr $169.99 $69.99
Diagnostic & Repair w/Backup** $45/hr* + $8 $30/hr + $8 $399.99 $299.99
Diagnostic & Repair w/Upgrade*** $45/hr $30/hr $339.99 $239.00
Networking Service
Wireless Router Setup w/Security $65 $45 $119.99 -
Wireless Network Setup
+ 2 Connection Setups
$65 + $45/hr $65 + $30/hr $169.99 -
Add Device to Existing Network $65 + $45/hr - $129.99 -
Unlimited Data Backup to Media** $45/hr + $.99/GB $.99/GB $299.99 -
Memory Installation $45 FREE w/Purchase $139.99 $39.99
Hardware Installation
$45/hr $30 $149.99 $49.99
* All Onsite work includes $.50/mile charge.
** Backup is charged at $5.99/GB of data after first 4GB of backup.
***Prices include the installation, but not the cost of upgrade hardware.
Geek Squad prices as of 2008.
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